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45 Trades - Website Creation for Lead Collection

45 Trades, a prominent stock trading firm, faced challenges in generating leads for their Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Trade Signal Service packages. They relied on Facebook Ads to reach potential clients and drive traffic to their website. However, their existing website lacked an effective lead collection funnel, resulting in a low conversion rate from ad clicks to lead submissions. They needed a comprehensive solution to create a high-converting website specifically designed for lead collection through their Facebook Ads.

The Solution Devised:

The Internet Store, collaborated with 45 Trades to devise a comprehensive solution. Our team recognized the importance of creating a lead collection-focused website that would align seamlessly with their Facebook Ads campaign. We proposed building a high-converting website that would serve as a dedicated lead generation funnel. The website would incorporate clear and compelling calls-to-action, enticing potential clients to express interest in their PMS and Trade Signal Service packages. The overall design and content were tailored to establish trust and credibility in the stock trading industry.


The implementation process involved several key steps:

  • Website Design and Development:

    Our team designed and developed a high-converting website with a focus on lead collection. The website was designed to be user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices to ensure a smooth user experience for visitors coming from Facebook Ads.

  • Lead Collection Funnel:

    We strategically placed lead collection forms throughout the website, ensuring they were prominent and easy to fill. The forms were designed to capture essential lead information efficiently.

  • Compelling Calls-to-Action:

    The website incorporated compelling calls-to-action that encouraged visitors to take action and submit their information for more details about the PMS and Trade Signal Service packages.

  • Trust-Building Content:

    We crafted engaging and informative content that highlighted the expertise and credibility of 45 Trades in the stock trading industry. This content aimed to build trust and confidence in potential clients.

  • Integration with Facebook Ads:

    The website was seamlessly integrated with 45 Trades' Facebook Ads campaign, ensuring a consistent user experience from ad click to lead submission.

Results & Stats

The collaboration between 45 Trades and The Internet Store yielded significant outcomes:

  • Increased Lead Conversion Rate:

    The high-converting website with strategically placed lead collection forms resulted in a substantial increase in lead conversion rates from Facebook Ads.

  • Improved ROI on Facebook Ads:

    With more leads being generated through the website, 45 Trades experienced an improved return on investment (ROI) for their Facebook Ads campaign.

  • Enhanced User Experience:

    The user-friendly design and optimized mobile experience led to improved user engagement and longer visit durations on the website.

  • Streamlined Lead Follow-Up:

    The lead collection funnel allowed 45 Trades to efficiently follow up with potential clients, nurturing the leads and converting them into customers.

  • Growing Client Base:

    With an effective lead collection website in place, 45 Trades expanded their client base and increased their customer acquisition rate.


The successful collaboration between 45 Trades and The Internet Store resulted in the creation of a high-converting website dedicated to lead collection for their Portfolio Management Services and Trade Signal Service packages. The strategically designed lead collection funnel, compelling calls-to-action, and trust-building content significantly improved lead conversion rates from their Facebook Ads campaign. The project demonstrated the power of a well-designed lead generation website in driving business growth for a stock trading firm, showcasing the value of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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