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Communication Based Marketing - SkinCity Gandhidham's Digital Marketing Case Study

Target Audience:

The Social Media Marketing project for Skin City Gandhidham aimed to target local residents in Gandhidham and nearby areas seeking dermatological services. The primary audience included individuals with various skin concerns, those looking for surgical expertise, people seeking affordable and compassionate dermatological care, and potential patients curious about the clinic's infrastructure and services.

Message & Copywriting:

The key message of the campaign was "Your Skin, Our Priority - Expert Care for Radiant Skin." The copywriting focused on highlighting Skin City Gandhidham's unique selling points, such as Dr. Rohit Somaiya's high qualifications and surgical expertise, the friendly and compassionate nature of the clinic staff, the spacious and well-furnished infrastructure, and the relatively low OPD charges. The content aimed to instill trust, credibility, and a sense of familiarity among the audience.

Graphics Design & Video Shoots:

To visually convey the clinic's professionalism and expertise, we designed thematic social media posts that incorporated a harmonious color scheme, visually appealing graphics, and relevant images. Video shoots were conducted to create short explanatory and awareness videos featuring Dr. Rohit Somaiya, showcasing his expertise and introducing him to the audience.


The implementation of the Social Media Marketing project involved several key strategies:

  • Doctor's Discourse Videos:

    Short explanatory videos featuring Dr. Rohit Somaiya discussing various skin concerns, treatment methods, and emphasizing his surgical expertise were created. These videos aimed to familiarize the audience with the doctor's approach and build trust.

  • Thematic Social Media Posts:

    Eye-catching and professionally designed social media posts were crafted to showcase Skin City Gandhidham's infrastructure, staff, and range of services. These posts highlighted the clinic's commitment to providing expert dermatological care.

  • Patient Feedback Messages & Treatment Videos:

    Patient feedback messages were shared to create a sense of familiarity and showcase positive experiences. Treatment videos introduced the audience to new and advanced treatment methods offered by the clinic.

Advertising & Results

The Social Media Marketing campaign for Skin City Gandhidham achieved remarkable results:

  • Increased Footfall:

    The campaign successfully attracted new patients to the clinic, resulting in increased footfall and appointments.

  • Brand Recognition:

    Skin City Gandhidham became a recognized and trusted name in the local community for dermatological services.

  • Engagement:

    The thematic social media posts and videos garnered high engagement and shares, further increasing brand reach.

  • Lead Generation:

    Form-based ads on meta platforms helped generate new leads, enabling effective follow-up with potential patients.

  • Patient Trust:

    The combination of doctor's discourse videos, patient feedback messages, and treatment videos established trust and credibility among the audience.


The successful Social Media Marketing project for Skin City Gandhidham effectively promoted the clinic's expertise, compassionate care, and professional infrastructure. The compelling doctor's discourse videos, thematic social media posts, patient feedback messages, and treatment videos generated trust and familiarity among the audience. The campaign resulted in increased footfall to the clinic and established Skin City Gandhidham as a reliable destination for expert dermatological care. Our strategic use of advertising ensured that the content reached a wider audience, boosting engagement and lead generation. The ongoing social media management and lead follow-up continue to contribute to Skin City Gandhidham's growth and success in the field of dermatology.

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