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Elevating Engagement: Aastha Womens Hopsital & Laparoscopy Center's Digital Marketing Success Story

Target Audience:

The target audience for the Social Media Marketing project was primarily women in the region who were seeking quality healthcare services related to gynecology, obstetrics, and laparoscopic surgeries. Additionally, the campaign aimed to reach out to past patients who had positive experiences at Aastha Women's Hospital and Laparoscopy Center, encouraging them to become brand advocates and share their experiences with their network.

Message & Copywriting:

The message conveyed through the social media marketing campaign was centered around the hospital's commitment to providing excellent healthcare services for women's health. The copywriting for the campaign focused on highlighting the expertise of the main doctor, Dr. R.M. Gudrasaniya, and the hospital's state-of-the-art facilities for laparoscopic surgeries. The posts were crafted to be crisp, engaging, and relatable to resonate with the target audience's needs and concerns.


The implementation of the Social Media Marketing project involved several key strategies:

  • Awareness Video Campaigns:

    We created awareness video campaigns featuring Dr. R.M. Gudrasaniya, introducing him as the lead doctor and showcasing the hospital's advanced medical equipment and compassionate care.

  • Engaging Social Media Posts:

    We crafted engaging and relevant social media posts that highlighted various aspects of women's health, tips for wellness, and information about the hospital's services.

  • Advertising Campaigns:

    To reach a wider audience, we ran advertising campaigns on various social media platforms, targeting specific demographics and interests related to women's healthcare.

  • WhatsApp Message Flows:

    We designed and implemented personalized WhatsApp message flows to past patients, sharing updates, and encouraging them to provide feedback and share their experiences.

Results & Stats

The Social Media Marketing project for Aastha Women's Hospital and Laparoscopy Center yielded impressive outcomes:

  • Increased Brand Awareness:

    The awareness video campaigns and engaging social media posts significantly increased the hospital's brand visibility and recognition in the region.

  • New Footfall:

    The campaign successfully attracted new patients seeking quality healthcare services, resulting in increased footfall at the hospital.

  • Positive Patient Engagement:

    The personalized WhatsApp message flows fostered a strong bond with past patients, encouraging them to share their experiences and recommend the hospital to others.

  • Enhanced Social Media Presence:

    Aastha Women's Hospital and Laparoscopy Center achieved an active and engaging social media presence, building a community of followers interested in women's health.

  • Brand Advocacy:

    Satisfied patients turned into brand advocates, sharing their positive experiences on social media, further boosting the hospital's reputation.


The successful Social Media Marketing project for Aastha Women's Hospital and Laparoscopy Center effectively established the hospital's social media presence and increased brand awareness. The campaign's strategic use of awareness video campaigns, engaging social media posts, advertising, and WhatsApp message flows led to new footfall and positive patient engagement. The project demonstrated the power of social media marketing in creating unique footfall and fostering brand advocacy for a healthcare provider, ensuring they continue to control their social media presence and connect with their target audience effectively.

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