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Fresh and Fun: TrollyBoy-Anjar's Digital Marketing Success Story

Target Audience:

The Social Media Marketing project for TrollyBoy aimed to reach every resident in the town of Anjar and nearby areas. The target audience included local residents of all age groups, families, students, and professionals looking for a modern and convenient shopping experience. The campaign also targeted individuals who were unaware of TrollyBoy's existence and needed to be informed about the new supermarket in town.

Message & Copywriting:

The campaign's key message focused on "Discover TrollyBoy - Your Modern Shopping Destination." The copywriting emphasized the supermarket's unique selling points, such as a wide range of products, affordable prices, and a modern shopping environment. Posts and ads were crafted to showcase the owner's words, giving a personal touch to the marketing message.


The implementation of the Social Media Marketing project involved several key strategies:

  • Image Posts:

    We created visually appealing image posts highlighting TrollyBoy's product range, modern facilities, and special offers to generate curiosity among the target audience.

  • Video Ads with Owner's Words:

    Video ads featured the owner personally inviting the town's residents to visit TrollyBoy and experience the best shopping experience in town.

  • Regular Updates:

    We consistently posted about TrollyBoy's latest offerings, promotions, and events to keep the audience engaged and informed.

  • Offer Ads:

    To attract footfall, we ran video and image ads featuring special offers, discounts, and limited-time deals.

  • Geo-Targeted Advertising:

    We used geo-targeted advertising to specifically reach the local audience and maximize the campaign's impact.

Results & Stats

The Social Media Marketing campaign for TrollyBoy achieved impressive results:

  • Increased Brand Awareness:

    The campaign successfully created awareness about TrollyBoy's existence, reaching a wide audience in the town and nearby areas.

  • Ample Footfall:

    The marketing efforts led to a considerable increase in footfall at TrollyBoy, with many residents visiting the store for their shopping needs.

  • Rise in Revenue:

    TrollyBoy experienced a substantial rise in revenue during the two-month campaign period, validating the success of the project.

  • Positive Customer Feedback:

    Customers appreciated the modern shopping experience and special offers presented through the social media campaign.

  • Engaged Community:

    The campaign fostered an engaged online community, with residents actively interacting with TrollyBoy's social media posts and sharing positive feedback.


The successful Social Media Marketing project for TrollyBoy effectively introduced the supermarket to the town of Anjar and nearby areas. The campaign's strategic use of image posts, owner's video ads, regular updates, and offer advertisements generated curiosity, awareness, and excitement among the target audience. The campaign's effectiveness was evident in the ample footfall and increased revenue for TrollyBoy. The project demonstrated the power of social media marketing in creating brand awareness, attracting footfall, and achieving positive results for a new business venture.

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