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Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital - Website Development

Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital, the only multispeciality hospital in Anjar-Kutch, offered exceptional medical services at affordable costs. Despite having multiple group hospitals under the Jagruti Group of Hospitals, the brand lacked a significant online presence. Potential patients, especially those new to the region or seeking medical services, faced difficulties in finding detailed information about individual hospitals, doctors, and departments. The absence of a comprehensive digital presence limited their reach and potential to attract new patients.

The Solution Devised:

We at The Internet Store,collaborated with Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital to devise a comprehensive solution. Our team recognized the importance of building an informative and user-friendly website that showcased all the individual hospitals, talented doctors, and specialized departments. The goal was to create a strong online presence for Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital, making it easier for potential patients to access essential information and services. Additionally, we incorporated on-page SEO strategies to ensure the website's visibility on search engine results, enabling the hospital to reach new patients effectively.


The implementation process involved several key steps:

  • Website Design and Development:

    Our team designed and developed a visually appealing and responsive website for Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital. The website was user-friendly, making it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they needed.

  • Individual Hospital Pages:

    We created separate pages for each individual hospital under the Jagruti Group of Hospitals. These pages included detailed information about the hospital, patient feedback, doctors serving at the hospital, and the hospital's location, enabling potential patients to make informed decisions.

  • Department Pages:

    We developed separate pages for each department and service provided by Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital. These pages showcased related hospitals and doctors, helping visitors find the appropriate medical services they required.

  • Contact / Appointment Forms:

    All pages, including individual hospital and department pages, had contact and appointment forms to facilitate quick lead capturing. Potential patients could easily reach out to the hospital for inquiries and appointments.

  • On-Page SEO for Local Search:

    We implemented on-page SEO strategies with relevant keywords, making it easier for people new to the region or seeking medical services to find Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital in web searches.

  • Blog and Content Optimization:

    We optimized blog articles and other website content with relevant keywords, enhancing the website's visibility and search engine ranking.


  • Detailed Information Pages for Individual Hospitals
  • Department Pages with Related Hospitals and Doctors
  • Contact and Appointment Forms for Quick Lead Capturing
  • On-Page SEO for Local Search Visibility
  • Optimized Blog Articles and Content

Results & Stats

The collaboration between Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital and The Internet Store yielded significant outcomes:

  • Enhanced Online Presence:

    The informative and user-friendly website significantly improved the hospital's online presence, attracting a broader audience of potential patients.

  • Increased Patient Inquiries:

    The inclusion of contact and appointment forms on all pages resulted in a higher number of patient inquiries and appointments.

  • Improved Local Visibility:

    The implementation of on-page SEO strategies led to higher visibility in web searches, making it easier for people new to the region to find Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital.

  • Streamlined Patient Information:

    The individual hospital pages with patient feedback and doctor details helped potential patients gather essential information, leading to more informed decisions.

  • Boosted Patient Trust:

    The website's comprehensive information and organized structure increased patient trust in the hospital's services and expertise.


The successful collaboration between Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital and The Internet Store resulted in the development of a user-friendly and informative website. The digital presence and on-page SEO strategies significantly improved the hospital's online visibility, attracting more patients to their exceptional and affordable medical services. The project showcased the power of a well-designed website and digital marketing strategies in expanding the reach of a multispeciality hospital and enhancing patient engagement.

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