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Jagruti Multispecialty Hospital's Comprehensive Connectivity: A Multispecialty Hospital's Digital Marketing Showcase

Target Audience:

The Social Media Marketing project for Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital aimed to reach local residents of Anjar and nearby areas. The target audience included individuals of all age groups seeking specialized medical care, expectant mothers, families, and patients in need of personalized and compassionate healthcare services. The campaign also targeted individuals who were unaware of Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital's range of medical expertise and wanted to explore the hospital's services.

Message & Copywriting:

The campaign's key message was "Your Health, Our Priority." The copywriting emphasized Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital's commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services, featuring renowned doctors (Dr. Rajeev Chandnani, Dr. Nirav Shukla, Dr. CN Mehta) and advanced treatment options. The social media posts were crafted to convey warmth, empathy, and trust, highlighting the hospital's patient-centric approach and successful medical outcomes.


The implementation of the Social Media Marketing project involved several key strategies:

  • Awareness Video Campaigns:

    We created impactful video campaigns featuring the hospital's renowned doctors, showcasing their expertise and inviting the audience to experience exceptional medical care at Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital.

  • Engaging Social Media Posts:

    We crafted crisp and relatable social media posts, providing valuable healthcare tips, sharing inspiring patient stories, and promoting upcoming medical events and workshops.

  • Meta Platform Advertising:

    To widen the reach, we ran targeted advertising campaigns on various social media platforms, reaching potential patients and their families with specific medical needs.

  • WhatsApp Message Flows:

    We utilized WhatsApp to share personalized messages, appointment reminders, and healthcare tips to past patients, strengthening patient engagement and retention.

  • Video Ad Campaigns:

    On Facebook and Instagram, we ran video ad campaigns featuring patient feedback messages in local dialects, allowing viewers to connect emotionally with the brand.

  • Instagram Stories:

    Regular updates on Instagram Stories featured new ground-breaking treatment cases, limited-time offers, and events, encouraging followers to stay engaged and informed.

Results & Stats

The Social Media Marketing campaign for Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital achieved significant results:

  • Increased Social Media Presence:

    The campaign effectively established Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital as a prominent healthcare brand on social media platforms.

  • Patient Footfall:

    The marketing efforts successfully attracted new patients to the hospital, resulting in an increase in patient footfall and appointments.

  • Positive Patient Feedback:

    Patient feedback videos in local dialects received high engagement and shares, increasing brand awareness and credibility.

  • Enhanced Patient Engagement:

    WhatsApp message flows and regular updates on social media platforms fostered stronger patient engagement and loyalty.

  • Community Health Impact:

    The campaign's healthcare tips and informative posts had a positive impact on the community's health awareness.


The successful Social Media Marketing project for Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital effectively enhanced the hospital's online presence and patient engagement. The impactful video campaigns featuring renowned doctors, engaging social media posts, and patient feedback videos resonated well with the target audience, driving new patient footfall and increasing brand recognition. The use of WhatsApp message flows and regular updates on social media platforms strengthened patient relationships and improved patient retention. The project showcased the power of social media marketing in promoting healthcare services, fostering trust, and making a positive impact on the community's health and well-being. Our continued support helps Jagruti Multispeciality Hospital maintain a strong social media presence and further advance their mission of prioritizing patient health and care.

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