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Mayur Minerals - Website Creation

Mayur Minerals, a prominent exporter based in Gandhidam, specialized in exporting minerals such as quartz, feldspar, dolomite, etc. Despite being a well-established exporter, the company faced challenges in attracting potential customers and generating leads through their online presence. Their existing website lacked an effective strategy to engage visitors and convert them into leads. Additionally, there was a need to create a strong sense of experience and professionalism on the website to showcase their expertise in the industry.

The Solution Devised:

The Internet Store, a leading Digital Marketing Agency, collaborated with Mayur Minerals to devise a comprehensive solution. Our team recognized the importance of creating information-rich product pages with basic on-page SEO to attract potential customers. The primary focus was on building a thematic website that would exude a sense of experience and professionalism, instilling confidence in visitors about the company's capabilities. We proposed a Quick Request for Quote form on each product page to facilitate lead inflow, enabling potential customers to easily request quotes for the minerals they were interested in.


The implementation process involved several key steps:

  • Website Design and Development:

    Our team designed and developed a thematic website for Mayur Minerals. The website was visually appealing and conveyed a sense of experience and professionalism, effectively positioning the company as a trusted exporter.

  • Information-Rich Product Pages:

    Each product offered by Mayur Minerals received a dedicated product page. These pages were curated with comprehensive information about the minerals, their properties, and potential uses, catering to the needs of potential customers seeking detailed information.

  • Basic On-Page SEO:

    We implemented basic on-page SEO strategies on each product page to optimize them for relevant search keywords. This helped potential customers find Mayur Minerals when searching for specific mineral exports.

  • Quick Request for Quote Form:

    We integrated a user-friendly Quick Request for Quote form on each product page, making it convenient for potential customers to express interest and request quotes for specific minerals.

Results & Stats

The collaboration between Mayur Minerals and The Internet Store yielded impressive outcomes:

  • Increased Lead Inflow:

    The inclusion of Quick Request for Quote forms on product pages resulted in a higher number of leads and inquiries from potential customers.

  • Improved Online Visibility:

    The implementation of basic on-page SEO strategies improved Mayur Minerals' visibility in relevant search results, attracting more potential customers to their website.

  • Enhanced User Engagement:

    The information-rich product pages and thematic website design enhanced user engagement, keeping visitors on the website for longer durations.

  • Established Professional Image:

    The thematic website successfully conveyed a sense of experience and professionalism, bolstering Mayur Minerals' image as a trusted exporter.

  • Positive Customer Feedback:

    Mayur Minerals received positive feedback from customers who appreciated the user-friendly website and the ease of requesting quotes.


The successful collaboration between Mayur Minerals and The Internet Store resulted in the creation of a thematic website that effectively showcased the company's expertise and professionalism. The information-rich product pages and Quick Request for Quote forms facilitated lead inflow and customer inquiries, driving business growth. The project demonstrated the power of a well-designed website and basic on-page SEO in establishing a strong online presence and attracting potential customers for a prominent exporter in the minerals industry.

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