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My Art Kart - Customized E-Commerce Website Development

MYARTKART, a popular Instagram page selling resin products like watches, clocks, frames, jewelry, etc., faced challenges in efficiently selling their products to buyers from Instagram. While their Instagram page had garnered a significant following and interest in their unique resin products, the lack of a dedicated e-commerce platform hindered their ability to reach a broader audience and convert interested followers into customers. Responsiveness was a critical issue, as potential buyers needed a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience on different devices. MYARTKART needed a customized global e-commerce platform that would showcase their products effectively and enable smooth transactions for buyers from Instagram.

The Solution Devised:

The Internet Store, collaborated with MYARTKART to devise a comprehensive solution. Our team recognized the importance of building a customized e-commerce website that could seamlessly integrate with their Instagram page and cater to global buyers. We proposed a Woocommerce-backed e-commerce storefront that would offer a responsive and user-friendly platform to showcase their unique resin products. The goal was to provide MYARTKART with a dedicated global e-commerce platform that would effectively display their products, streamline the buying process, and enhance customer satisfaction.


The implementation process involved several key steps:

  • Custom E-Commerce Website Development:

    Our team developed a customized e-commerce platform using Woocommerce, tailored to MYARTKART's specific needs. The website design focused on responsiveness, ensuring a seamless shopping experience on different devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

  • Product Showcase:

    We designed an attractive product showcase section that highlighted MYARTKART's unique resin products. Each product page featured high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and easy-to-use navigation for customers to explore and purchase products.

  • Integration with Instagram:

    To leverage their existing Instagram following, we integrated the e-commerce platform with their Instagram page. This enabled buyers to easily access the online store directly from their Instagram profile, improving the overall user experience.

  • Global Shipping and Payment Gateways:

    We implemented global shipping options and integrated secure payment gateways to facilitate smooth and secure transactions for buyers from different regions.

  • User-Friendly Shopping Cart and Checkout Process:

    We optimized the shopping cart and checkout process to minimize cart abandonment and simplify the buying journey for customers.

Results & Stats

The collaboration between MYARTKART and The Internet Store yielded impressive outcomes:

  • Enhanced Global Reach:

    The customized e-commerce platform enabled MYARTKART to reach buyers globally, expanding their customer base beyond their Instagram following.

  • Improved User Experience:

    The responsive website design provided a seamless shopping experience on various devices, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Increased Sales Conversion:

    The user-friendly product showcase and optimized checkout process led to higher sales conversion rates, driving revenue growth for MYARTKART.

  • Streamlined Operations:

    The integration of global shipping options and secure payment gateways facilitated smooth and efficient order processing.

  • Strong Online Presence:

    The dedicated e-commerce platform strengthened MYARTKART's online presence and brand recognition, establishing them as a reliable source for unique resin products.


The successful collaboration between MYARTKART and The Internet Store resulted in the development of a customized global e-commerce platform that seamlessly integrated with their Instagram page. The responsive website design and user-friendly features provided an enhanced shopping experience for buyers, leading to increased sales and revenue growth. The project exemplified the power of a well-designed e-commerce platform and digital marketing strategies in expanding an Instagram-based business into a thriving global online store.

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