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NYAYPUJAK - Website and Branding Revamp

Adv. Govind Dafda, a prominent lawyer based in Anjar-Kutch, faced branding and user engagement challenges on their online platforms. Though they had a substantial online presence on YouTube with a significant subscriber base, there was a lack of consistency in branding elements such as colors, typography, and overall web design. They needed a brand identity that would reflect their expertise and professionalism. Additionally, they required an effective website to serve as a percolation funnel for their YouTube audience, enabling direct engagement with potential clients and offering a platform to resolve their doubts through the payment of basic fees.

The Solution Devised:

The Internet Store, a leading Digital Marketing Agency, collaborated with Adv. Govind Dafda to devise a comprehensive solution. We recognized the importance of creating a strong brand identity and proposed the development of a unique brand name, "NYAYPUJAK," that would reflect the firm's dedication to justice and legal expertise. Alongside the brand name, we conducted a complete branding revamp, including the logo, color palette, and typography, ensuring consistency across their website and YouTube channel. The website was designed to serve as a dynamic percolation funnel, offering visitors an engaging platform to ask doubts, pay basic fees, and receive prompt resolutions.


The implementation process involved several key steps:

  • Brand Name Development:

    We crafted the brand name "NYAYPUJAK," signifying the firm's commitment to justice and legal excellence. The brand name was carefully chosen to resonate with the target audience and set the tone for the firm's values.

  • Branding Revamp:

    Building upon the new brand name, we redesigned NYAYPUJAK's branding elements, including the logo, color palette, and typography. This ensured consistency and recognition across all their online platforms, instilling a sense of trust and professionalism.

  • Dynamic Website Development:

    Our team developed a user-friendly and visually appealing website that reflected the new brand identity. The website served as a percolation funnel, offering clear calls-to-action for visitors to ask doubts, pay basic fees, and receive timely resolutions.

  • Content Creation:

    We crafted comprehensive and optimized content for all the services NYAYPUJAK provided. The content focused on improving their SEO rankings and attracting potential clients searching for legal services in the Anjar-Kutch region.

  • Testimonials and Social Proof:

    To enhance credibility, we strategically placed testimonials from satisfied clients on all service pages. These testimonials served as social proof, building trust and confidence in the firm's capabilities.

  • Integration of Payment Gateways:

    We integrated secure payment gateways into the website, streamlining the process for clients to engage NYAYPUJAK's services by paying basic fees.

  • Daily Notices Platform:

    To keep clients informed, we provided a platform to publish daily notices, ensuring easy access to critical updates for visitors.

Results & Stats

The collaboration between NYAYPUJAK and The Internet Store yielded significant outcomes:

  • Strong Brand Identity:

    The development of the brand name "NYAYPUJAK" and the branding revamp brought consistency and recognition, establishing a strong brand identity that resonated with their target audience.

  • Improved User Engagement:

    The dynamic website and percolation funnel approach resulted in improved user engagement, providing an efficient platform for potential clients to ask doubts and resolve queries.

  • Enhanced SEO Performance:

    The well-crafted content and blog articles contributed to improved SEO rankings, driving higher organic traffic and increased visibility in relevant search results.

  • Established Consumer Trust:

    The addition of testimonials and personal insights into the firm's ideologies fostered consumer trust, encouraging potential clients to choose NYAYPUJAK's services.

  • Streamlined Payment Process:

    Integration of payment gateways simplified the payment receipt process, making it convenient for clients to engage with the firm's services.


The successful collaboration between NYAYPUJAK and The Internet Store resulted in a comprehensive website and branding revamp. The new brand name "NYAYPUJAK" and the revamped brand identity strengthened the firm's online presence and credibility. The dynamic website served as an effective percolation funnel, enabling direct engagement with their YouTube audience and potential clients. The project showcased the power of a strong brand identity and digital marketing strategies in establishing a trustworthy and credible online presence for legal professionals.

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